• stay or leave

To Stay, or Leave?| Huffington Post article

What do you do when your relationship isn’t working? Whether you’ve been married for 15 years or dating for eight months, the decision whether to stay or leave is never easy. How long do you […]

  • Steps to Moving Beyond the Friend Zone

10 Steps to Moving Beyond the Friend Zone

Are you stuck in the friend zone? It’s a rotten position to hold when you’d prefer to be the “lover.” The fear of staying trapped in a minimal position is equal to the fear of […]

  • Why Are You Still Single?

Why Are You Still Single?

have a dear friend in her early 40s. She’s got it all, a great personality and a great life. As a dedicated triathlete she’s physically fit and attractive. Well dressed, well bred, and owns her […]

  • King Within the Queen

The King Within the Queen | Huffington Post article

The rigors of modern dating can leave many young women wondering about their chances for future happiness in love. Men seem to have endless options for romance, creating little reason to partner in earnest. How […]

  • I'm a lazy lover

Confessions of a Lazy Lover

I must make this admission: I’m lazy lover. I apply no energy whatsoever to creating a love life. Why any man would seek my company at this juncture in my life is a complete mystery […]

  • The more we chase men, the more they learn to be chased.

So, I’m Supposed to Chase You?

The birth of the 21st Century didn’t cause our computers to crash. Something more insidious happened. The rules of courtship changed. Fourteen years after the new millennium, it’s clear that women are now the ones […]

  • Tips For Dating Younger Men

5 Tips For Dating Younger Men | Huffington Post article

If you’re thinking about dating a younger man, congratulations. Women’s choices have been limited for far too many centuries. With younger men added to the romantic game board, every woman increases her opportunity for love […]

  • The fear of being alone is terrifying for most people I know.

The Irrational Fear of Being Alone

The fear of being alone is terrifying for most people I know. We've been led to believe that having someone is better than having no one. This message runs deep in our social fabric and […]

  • Unbroken Heart

The Unbroken Heart | Huffington Post article

Rare, but it does exist. I know a woman who has never had her heart broken. Something inside her insists upon her leaving the man she is with before any emotional damage can occur. I […]

  • A woman's worth

A Woman’s Worth

By Susan Winter We run companies. We run countries. Regardless of advanced college degrees and net worth… at the end of the day a woman’s worth is still judged by youth and beauty. Is it fair? […]

  • Which type of breakup are you experiencing

The Two Meanings of a Breakup

Breakup can have two distinctly different meanings. They can be exactly what they are, and they can also be the opposite of what they seem to be. A breakup can mean, “I’m done here. It’s […]